My firm offers a complete range of services to assist our clients. Unlike many large & departmentalized firms, we are able to offer our clients an ongoing and closely connected professional relationship. One in which you will always know who you are dealing with and who is representing you. Consequently, this will result in what is best for you because we will always be there to help you deal with day-to-day problems and concerns as they occur.

Williamsburg, VA

Estate and retirement planning

Estate and retirement plans are developed for individuals and small businesses. I coordinate and work closely with experienced certified financial planners, pension account managers and trust attorneys in the local area. A team approach of this nature provides a more effective and successful means of providing a financial plan. I have over 30 years of experience in preparing individual and business tax returns and he will utilize this experience and knowledge base to assist in developing effective and realistic retirement and estate plans.

Budget and Forecasting

Creating operating & capital budgets for your business is largely dependent upon the accuracy of your historical financial records. We will make financial projections and estimations using accounting data that we have determined to be credible either from the accounting records that we have professionally constructed or from records you have maintained. I will utilize my experience as a former Budget Director for a large corporation and over 30 years of experience as a CPA and consulting with a wide variety of small businesses.  Budget preparation and future monitoring, profitability analysis, Cash management & forecasting are just some of the tools that I will utilize for your business,  I will also assist you in defining long-range plans and quantification goals and provide liaison with bankers, attorneys and other third-party agents.  Assistance with capital budgets is critical and I will provide you with an analysis of future equipment purchases and business expansion plans.

Small business consulting

Realizing positive results from consulting with business owners is most gratifying. Small business consulting, evaluation & problem solving is an ongoing process that typically occurs when our firm is working closely with the owners and employees of the company to resolve and sometimes find creative solutions to financial and operating issues. We develop a close professional relationship with our clients and have built an extensive knowledge base for a wide range of industries. We understand that good consulting goes hand in hand with effective financial reporting and in-depth analysis of your business operations. Our objective is to bring about positive changes in an ever-changing economy.

Personal Financial Planning

Effective personal financial planning occurs when an individual’s tax situation, budgetary considerations, investment objectives and financial needs are evaluated and a course of action is determined. Financial plans should be living documents that are constantly evaluated & adjusted as an individual’s life priorities change. We will determine and understand your unique financial problems and issues in order to zero in on the solutions. We have an extensive understanding of the impact of tax laws and will work closely with your financial advisors and attorneys as a team during the planning process.

Virginia Notary Services

I am a certified notary in the state of Virginia and provide notary services at no cost to existing clients and at a minimal fee to the general public.